Get inspired #2


This post is part of “Get inspired” article series where I just wanna show you some of the coolest design stuff. If you also want to contribute to future posts, please contact me using the subject “Get inspired” or something similar. If you do so, please don’t forget to add the link to the image.

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Cool App: 4Halloween iPhone App


Speaking of Halloween, as of yesterday, a new iPhone App is available on The App Store, and this one is perfect for the upcoming Halloween, but also great to be used at any time if you want to make some pranks or just to have fun. Play any combination of these sounds to create a […]

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Beautiful Autumn wallpapers


When it comes to colors, Autumn it’s my favorite season and that’s because I get to see this impressive transformation of nature, an explosion of vivid colors, colorful trees and a remarkable composition that reaches right to my heart. Nature is amazing and the wallpapers from below, are the proof of that. Click the images […]

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Create a simple cartoonish Halloween text Effect in Photoshop

Halloween Style in Photoshop

Get ready folks, because Halloween is coming and it’s time for you to be prepared with all the necessary resources, and I hope that my next quick tutorial is going to be one of it. So without any other introduction, let’s see how to create a simple cartoonish text effect suitable for any Halloween poster […]

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