Get ready folks, because Halloween is coming and it’s time for you to be prepared with all the necessary resources, and I hope that my next quick tutorial is going to be one of it. So without any other introduction, let’s see how to create a simple cartoonish text effect suitable for any Halloween poster or design.

We start by creating a new document in Photoshop, it can be in any size, but let’s make it 680×440. Now, on your Layers panel, double click on the Background layer to activate it so you can make it a little bit more prettier. Double click the layer again to open the style window or click on the “Add a layer style” icon so we can add add a radial gradient overlay (use #704017 for the lighter color and #0c0804 for the darker area) like this:
Gradient style for the background

Time to add the text now. Try to use a spooky or at least a little bit weird font. If you don’t have any, look for some on I used “Wiked scary movie” and typed the “Halloweeeeeen” in a kinda large font, to make it a little bit more scary. Use #de6e09 for the text color:

Halloween font options

And now for the grand finale: the styling. First, just add a small drop shadow:
Halloween Text Shadow

Then a little bit of Bevel and Emboss (use #e88a0f at 100% for the Highlight mode and #de6e09 at 52% for Shadow mode):
Halloween Text Bevel

Let’s not forget to add just a hint of satin and a color overlay:
Halloween Text Satin
Halloween Text Color Overlay

And at the end, some stroke to make the text a little bit bolder:
Halloween Text  Stroke

And we have our cartoonish Halloween text ready in under 5 minutes. Ok, let’s say 10 🙂
Halloween text in Photoshop

But if you really want to push this forward, try to add some pattern to the background and add some more Halloween specifics elements, like some bats, a spooky house. Just let your imagination fly…on a broomstick 🙂

A, and one more thing. If you are too lazy to make it on your own, you can download a small Photoshop Style and apply it to any text with just one click:

Download Halloween Text Style action

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