Create a simple cartoonish Halloween text Effect in Photoshop

Halloween Style in Photoshop

Get ready folks, because Halloween is coming and it’s time for you to be prepared with all the necessary resources, and I hope that my next quick tutorial is going to be one of it. So without any other introduction, let’s see how to create a simple cartoonish text effect suitable for any Halloween poster […]

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Create a simple and easy fur text in Photoshop

From the start I want to tell you all that this tutorial was very much inspired by the one from Abduzeedo: Create a furry text in Pixelmator, but I want to show you how to achieve the same effect in Photoshop. So all the credits for this one goes to Abduzeedo. Also, this is kinda my first tutorial, so please be gentle with me in case you have comments or suggestions that by the way, you can add them at the end of this simple tutorial. But let’s get started

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