10 Free and Amazing Responsive WordPress Themes

Because it’s so simple, I love responsive web design and I believe that every web designer should add a little bit of responsiveness to their work. A responsive design is the design that allow a website to brake itself down smoothly across different monitor sizes and devices (computers, tablets and smartphones). The most simple way of doing this is with CSS (I will cover this a little bit later in another article) and it’s important because it eliminates the need to have multiple versions of your website, for example a normal version and a mobile version of your website.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post…..well, actually is not really my fist post, but since I decided to give this website a completely new look and start all over, I moved the content of the old blog and now, I’m ready to write history, or at least a little bit of it 🙂 […]

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